Why do Tooth Whitening?

Are you confident enough about your smile or you would like to have done something to enhance the quality of your smile. Then this is for people like you. Millions of people have benefitted from teeth whitening which improved there smile dramatically and you could be one of them.

How Teeth Lose Whiteness?

Teeth discolouration can be caused by many factors such as genetic, tetracycline stains, flurosis, old fillings, smoking, pan chewing, and consumption of coloured soft drinks.

Process of Tooth Whitening

It’s a process by which the colour of teeth is lightened by help of whitening agents. There are two types of whitening available commonly.

Home Bleaching

In this the whitening agent is applied at home in a special custom made tray which is given by the dentist.

Office Bleaching

In this the whole procedure of whitening is done under the supervision of dentist at his clinic. The whitening agent is applied to your teeth and is activated by help of special lights .The whole procedure will take 1to 2 hours and the results are very fast. The results will last for 3to 5 years and will vary from individuals.

Result of Teeth Whitening (Teeth Bleaching) Treatment

Teeth – Before Teeth Whitening

Teeth – After Teeth Whitening

Teeth before Teeth Whitening Treatment Teeth after Teeth Whitening Treatment