God gave you smile, Dentist is here to save.

Dentist and smile, are they related? Smile is God’s gift to us. With it we can express our happiness without using words. Shining white teeth contribute a lot to personality and increase our face value!

Not taking proper care of oral health can cause many problems. Your teeth loose whiteness. You may smell bad when you talk. Your smile is ruined when you lose tooth.

A well qualified dentist can train you on how to maintain your oral health. Dentist educates you on right brushing and flossing technique. Dentist gives you proper treatment to cure your dental problems and restore back your valuable smile. Dentist is a friend of smile. Dentist is a friend of yours.

New Generation Multispecialty Dental Clinic.

Dental Designs is a leading multispecialty dental clinic of Trivandrum, Kerala, India. With latest dental treatment equipments, finest technology and committed team of dental care professionals we are raising dental clinic standards to a new level.

Dental Designs is committed to provide its patients with high standard of personalized dental care in an efficient, gentle and professional manner. Patients come to our clinic expecting world-class treatment and permanent cure of dental problems. We have equipped our dental clinic with multimedia patient education system, so they can understand process and its benefits before going through treatment.

Relaxing waiting rooms with TV and DVD libraries are important part of our dental clinic. Location of our dental clinic – beautiful city Trivandrum is popular tourist destination known for its pollution free atmosphere. We thrive to make patients comfortable before and after treatment.

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Cosmetic Dentist does White Magic.

Dental Designs has earned a good fame as a cosmetic dental clinic. Not everybody is born with perfect oral structure. Some less lucky people even might loose their perfect smile by accident or some dental illness. In such situation cosmetic dentist comes as a real boon to you.

Cosmetic dentist literally does white magic and cures deformities in your oral structure. Does lot of improvements on your face to bring out winning smile. One celebrity even said “they gave us what God forgot, cosmetic dental surgeries are nothing but miracle to us”.

We are proud of our experienced cosmetic dentists who are master of art and science both. Its because of them our cosmetic dental clinic has earned respect of patients.

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Dental Clinics at Kerala, India.

India became pioneer by starting first ever dental college in Asia. It was established by Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed in 1928 without any government help. Today there are more than two hundred dental colleges which has capacity of more than fifteen thousand seats.

It takes four years of rigorous study and one year internship to acquire bachelor degree in dental surgery. Further study of two to three years is required to achieve masters. Strict examination and in-depth theorical and practical education produced high quality dentists. Dental Clinics in India get benefit from this quality resource and able to provide world-class dental treatment at reasonable charges.

Dental Clinics in India are operating in various specialities like Peadodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Radiology etc. Cosmetic dental clinics of India are setting new standards in international arena. Every year thousands of foreign patients come here in search of better treatment.

Dentist’s suggested five golden rules.

Dr. Gins Paul is leading cosmetic dentist of Trivandrum and head of the Dentists India Team. Here are five golden rules established by him to maintain oral health.

1. Eat food rich in vitamins and minerals.

2. Avoid sweet and sticky food.

3. Brush twice daily.

4. Use good tooth brush and paste.

5. Consult dentist every six months.

Want to know in more detail? Here are some useful tips by our Dentist.