Online Tour of Dental Designs Multispecialty Dental Clinic

Every year hundreds of local as well as foreigners visit Dental Designs to get cured their dental problems. This page gives you online tour to our dental clinic.

Roadmap to Dental Clinic

Let us first see how you can reach to us by road. Below is the roadmap to this dental clinic.

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Reception Area


Welcome to Dental Designs. You will be helped by our staff to get appointments, meet dentist as per appointment and you can wait here reading some books / magazines.


Dental Clinic Reception Area


Dental Chairs


Patients are examined here for dental problems. Dental Treatments are pursued with latest equipment you see here.


Dental Treatment Chairs
Dental Treatment Chairs


Consulting Area


Dental crowns and bridges are made here from tooth impressions of patient.


Consulting Area


Relaxation Rooms


There are times while treatment when you need to wait. Our relaxation room provide soothing atmosphere to patients.


Patient Relaxation Room
Consulting Area


We hope you liked online tour of our dental clinic. Please do visit again.